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Experience Activators: 8 Elements for a Positive Employee Experience

Amid the near constant stream of stressors that threaten our quality of life, employees — now more than ever — must be encouraged and enabled to care for themselves in ways they can directly influence. A powerful yet often overlooked way to practice care for oneself and demonstrate care for others is to focus on how we think — about our lives, our work and ourselves.  

How we think impacts our overall life experiences — and plays a big role in the relationship between individual mindsets and organizational factors such as culture and organizational support.  

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What are experience activators? 

Experience activators are mindsets that all individuals have. They generate energy and expand our capacity to improve overall experiences and quality of life. All mindsets are interrelated, and they’re strengthened through both personal action and organizational support. These activators work together to give individuals more energy and capacity to navigate through life and work events.

Why do these activators matter? 

A study by the Limeade Institute of over half a million employees who responded to the Well-Being Assessment in 2019 investigated the power of experience activators and their impact on work-related outcomes, overall well-being and stress levels.  

The study found that people with high levels of experience activators have low levels of stress, high levels of well-being, engagement and productivity, compared to people with medium versus low levels of experience activators. Different experience activators play a bigger role than others, depending on the outcome, as well as different levels of impact depending on the outcome you look at. 

Experience Activators 8 Elements for a Positive Employee Experience 1 - Experience Activators: 8 Elements for a Positive Employee Experience

8 Elements for a Positive Employee Experience 

While this isn’t an exhaustive list of all mindsets, you can learn more about the eight experience activators that are essential to employee care today: 

1. Self-efficacy

2. Optimism 

3. Resilience 

4. Openness 

5. Gratitude 

6. Purpose 

7. Mindfulness 

8. Emotion Regulation 

Additional Resources 

Watch our webinar on-demand with HR leader and author, Laurie Ruettimann, and Chief Science Officer of the Limeade Institute, Dr. Laura Hamill, to learn the significance of these findings and how these game-changing experience activators can elevate the employee experience. 

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