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Feeling Good & Living With Purpose: Limeade Well-Being Day 2018

At Limeade, we define well-being as feeling good and living with purpose.

We’re on a mission to improve well-being in the world — and we know it starts with our own employees. That’s why on October 19, 2018, we hosted Well-Being Day at Limeade. From morning yoga to a financial lunch and learn, we offered activities throughout the day — for both employees at headquarters and remote employees — that were dedicated to whole-person well-being.

Check out the highlights from Well-Being Day 2018 at Limeade:

IMG 0386 e1540240884268 225x300 - Feeling Good & Living With Purpose: Limeade Well-Being Day 2018

Morning Yoga – To kick off the day, employees in person and on Skype joined our very own People Team Manager (who also happens to be a yoga instructor), Mari Hegyi, for an exclusive Limeade yoga session!

TED Talk Marathon – Snacks and a TED Talk marathon featuring topics related to work well-being were shown on the big screen for all employees.

Financial Lunch & Learn – Digging into stock and investment options, age portfolios, income buckets and more, we hosted a financial lunch and learn to cover any and all financial well-being topics and questions our employees had.

Free Flu Shots – In order to support employee health, Limeade provided a free flu shot clinic for our Bellevue employees during Well-Being Day. Flu shots were available for a few hours and for those not at headquarters, we encouraged employees to head over to a participating pharmacy or doctor’s office for a free flu shot.

Planting hour Well Being Day Limeade 300x225 - Feeling Good & Living With Purpose: Limeade Well-Being Day 2018

Fresh Start Planting Hour – To wrap up Well-Being Day 2018, we dedicated one hour to planting! Employees came together to exercise their green thumb and plant something new with their peers. Remote employees were sent an herb garden to join in on the fun at home!

Thank you to all of the Limeade employees who participated in Well-Being Day 2018!

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