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Do fitness trackers ruin the fun?

The wearables craze hasn’t died down. Even elephants are wearing fitness trackers. This isn’t surprising — trackers do cool things like count your steps, measure your sleep and monitor your heart rate.

But there’s a catch.

New research found that measurement boosts our activity — but makes it less enjoyable. Although fitness trackers help you hit your goals, the journey feels like work.

Here’s what we learned:

To enjoy the activity, it’s all about intrinsic motivation — behavior driven by internal rewards. Put a meaningful goal around the activity or make it gamelike. Instead of focusing on your daily step count, run on a treadmill to get in shape. Train for a 5K race with your daughter rather than aiming to hit the elusive 10K steps. The “why” behind the goal brings back the fun and fulfillment.

How can you incorporate these findings into your wellness program?

1. Set goals: Ask your employees why they want to be healthy. Whether it’s playing with their kids or fitting into their favorite jeans, they’ll be more successful if they set an intention for the activity.

2. Team challenges: Friendly competitions help employees get to know each other as they work together in a more social setting. Peers can share their goals, cheer each other on, answer questions and offer support.

3. Walking meetings: We’re huge fans at Limeade. Rain or shine, we’d much rather hit the pavement than huddle in a conference room and we sneak our steps in without it feeling like a chore.