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Guide: The Power of Reaching Your Entire Workforce

Effective communication drives engagement program awareness and participation. 80% of the global workforce is deskless, and most of them do not use computers or a corporate email address for their work. This causes a huge communications gap: program participation suffers, and HR misses opportunities to send urgent messages and update employees with relevant information.

Limeade Engagement is different.

The Limeade ONE mobile app enables you to reach every employee within your organization — no matter where they are. With communications functionality built-in, Limeade Engagement helps admins and program champions to easily deliver timely and relevant information to targeted employee groups. This gives you an employee-first approach to engagement, reinforcing connections between employees and empowering everyone to take action. With Limeade, you can reach the right user at the right time with the right message.

Helping employees stay connected to their peers and to your company during times of crisis is incredibly difficult, and therefore more important than ever. By proactively focusing on connection, you’ll foster team performance, engagement, inclusion and a sense of organizational care.

Download our free guide to learn:

  • How to reach every employee with the culture, tools and processes they need
  • How to implement an effective communication plan that supports critical employee engagement initiatives
  • Four use cases that create connection, increase performance, strengthen employee listening and enhance culture
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