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How can companies find and keep intrapreneurs?

The Changing State of Employee Engagement

Yesterday, Modern Survey released its Fall 2013 Employee Engagement study, the latest in a series of studies about the state of employee engagement in the modern workplace. The fall 2013 results showed massive improvement over past studies:

  • The proportion of moderately and fully engaged employees increased four percent and three percent, respectively, and the percentage of disengaged employees decreased five percent.
  • Other measures of engagement – like sense of pride in the company and willingness to refer others – shot up across the board by as much as nine percent, reflecting increased employee confidence in their places of work.
  • New reasons for engagement also emerged: the ability to grow and develop at work led the list of engagement drivers for the first time.

These study results reflect a growing interest in engagement at work – but what can companies do to encourage engagement at work?

Intrapreneurship Could Be the Key

This week, Limeade also completed our own participation in the Intrapreneur Index, a study of employee initiative led by Brigham Young University and By Monday Inc. consulting.

What’s an intrapreneur?

According to the study, it’s an employee who’s willing and able to implement innovative solutions that deliver value. Since the ability to grow and develop at work is the top engagement driver for employees, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship is a key way to keep employees more engaged.

How Limeade Is Leading

engaged employees - How can companies find and keep intrapreneurs?

Achieving an unprecedented 92 percent completion rate in the Intrapreneur Index, Limeade employees demonstrated 89 percent alignment with our company vision and 92 percent confidence in corporate communications. Additionally, 89 percent of employees confirmed that their ambitions are rewarded within the company, which makes us feel pretty awesome about our team’s intrapreneurial instincts. In fact, we are the highest rated company that they had ever surveyed. We think our above-average survey scores reflect our strong internal commitment to engagement and intrapreneurship.

Screening of Engaged Employees

While it’s important for a company to foster these qualities of intrapreneurship, it’s also important to hire the right people. Larry Myler, CEO of By Monday Inc., shared his thoughts on Forbes on how companies, including Limeade, make sure they’re screening for the right type of candidates.

Diving Deeper Into Engagement

Over the next few months, we’ll be kicking off a new series on intrapreneurship and engagement and will be sharing our thoughts on the types of questions you should ask in an interview, tips for keeping employees engaged once they start, and tips from leaders in the field.

We hope to see you return in 2014!