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How Limeade can turn employee insights into real impact

With Limeade, engagement data means action and results. Here's how we see it:


Data can tell you a lot about your employees. From individual engagement survey responses to overarching population trends, the facts and figures shape a powerful narrative about your people. And while those data points are incredibly important, they’ll only take you so far. To achieve the true benefits of an engaged workforce, you need to act on your insights.

What makes Limeade different from every other engagement platform?

We offer science-backed recommendations for immediate action based on data insights. In other words, we do more — for you and your people. Our action engine, in tandem with a library of hundreds of activities, helps employees, managers and leaders act to improve the business metrics that matter, in business and in life.

Why Limeade? Hear what our customers have to say:

  • MERCURY INSURANCE — "With Limeade, Mercury increased employee engagement by 5.8%."
  • ALLINA HEALTH — "Allina used Limeade to reduce turnover, improve patient satisfaction and boost employee engagement."
  • THE STATE OF WASHINGTON — "Limeade program users with high well-being had 25% lower turnover, a potential $1.6m savings for the State."

Looking for ways to increase employee engagement at your company?

Download the Guide — The Big E: What true engagement at work looks like.

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