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How Limeade Well-Being Activities Enable Organizations to Show Care

With the dramatic increase of employees working from home and a call for leaders to shift their mindset to truly care for employees — 2020 has put the employee experience (EX) front and center. Limeade research on employee well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic found that 72% of employees say they’re currently burned out, compared to 42% from the same study last year. A post-coronavirus workplace will push HR leaders and managers to face challenges head on while also focusing on EX and providing resources to amplify care for employees.  

Employers can no longer rely on a traditional approach to their well-being programs. In order to drive real employee engagement and well-being, they must go beyond offering basic steps challenges and only physical well-being-focused programming to immerse people in a program that considers the whole person.  

New Limeade Institute research furthers this sentiment by exploring key activators — or mindsets such as mindfulness, optimism, openness, purpose, gratitude and more — and how they impact overall well-being, engagement, stress levels and productivity. These mindsets also generate energy and expand our capacity to improve overall experiences and quality of life. The need for well-being programs that aim to strengthen these mindsets through intentional action and care is greater than ever before. 

The need for whole-person well-being support 

Embracing every employee as their unique self with a relevant and meaningful experience is crucial. We know that when companies care for employees — in every part of the EX — employees can better care for themselves, their teams and their company, leading to better people and business results. That’s why Limeade focuses on the whole person to transform work into a source of positivity, energy, humanity and purpose. 

A refreshing way to infuse well-being into work 

Limeade offers a science-backed library of hundreds of whole-person well-being activities plus recommended engagement and inclusion activities and a global Well-Being Assessment created by Limeade Institute organizational psychologists. Limeade Well-Being is a refreshing way to infuse well-being into work — to address inclusion, burnout and turnover — rooted in science. 

The Limeade Well-Being activity library features a wide range of relevant topics, with fresh activities released in March, to deliver an experience that supports well-being every day — in big and small moments. The newest topics covered relate to employees’ emotional well-being in light of 2020 and the challenges companies and employees continue to face. Limeade customers can extend their reach to users by covering other relevant topics like COVID-19 and vaccines, creating inclusion, benefits education and more. 

Limeade also covers an extensive range of topics to meet the needs of users through learning-based activities designed to promote healthy habits.  

Topics include:   

  • Anxiety  
  • Benefits  
  • Communication Skills  
  • Cooking  
  • Elder Care   
  • Emotional Well-Being  
  • Financial Well-Being  
  • Health  
  • HSA  
  • Longevity; Living Longer  
  • Mindfulness  
  • Purpose  
  • Relationships  
  • Resiliency  
  • Improve Sleep  
  • Type 2 Diabetes  
  • Yoga 

With Limeade, organizations can create a supportive and inclusive culture with team challenges and peer recognition, while also offering employees the ability to join individual activities that offer a dynamic, interactive and sequenced content experience. 

Delivering an EX that puts well-being at the center takes intentional action and care at both the individual and organizational level. Limeade solutions are scientifically engineered with your employees in mind, and will continue to provide highly relevant activities to care for the entire EX. 

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