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How to build an intentional culture

Laura Hamill Headshot - How to build an intentional cultureEmployee Benefit News just ran a three-part series on building an intentional workplace culture written by our Chief People Officer, Laura Hamill, Ph.D. Check out the posts to learn why culture is the single most important factor in an organization’s success or failure and nine steps to take today

How to build an intentional culture


Part 1: Acknowledge culture exists

The key to building an intentional culture in your organization is to approach it from an architectural model (rather than an evolutionary model). To do this, articulate what the culture is, set clear behavior expectations and educate employees.

Part 2: Weave culture through organization

Once you’ve opened a dialogue and set parameters around your culture, it’s time to up the ante. It’s time to hold people accountable, empower your culture champions and communicate regularly.

Part 3: Reinforce culture for business success

The final three steps to build an intentional culture? Create opportunities to live the culture, align the culture with your internal policies and recognize and reward employees. It’s important to note that you’re never “done.” Creating an intentional culture is an ongoing process of monitoring and adjusting.

Want more? Check out Laura in action below!

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