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How to celebrate ‘International Fun at Work Day’ on April 1

Did you know April Fools Day is also International Fun at Work Day? Here at Limeade, we love having fun and we see the benefits. A fun (and purposeful) culture can even improve employee happiness, productivity and retention. So shut the laptops early and benefit both your company and employees. 

Here are five ways you can celebrate ‘International Fun at Work Day’ April 1:

1. Take it outside 

Getting out of the office boosts energy and productivity. Weather permitting, have a picnic in the park and play games. Capture the flag, flag football and Frisbee are favorites at Limeade.

2. Provide food

Employees love when lunch is provided. And so should you. According to a recent article, the ROI of providing lunch include improved employee satisfaction, collaboration and awareness of health and wellness. International Fun at Work Day is the perfect opportunity to order in that healthy lunch for your team and take a break to eat together. 

3. Create competitions 

Friendly competition is where it’s at with International Fun at Work Day. Here are the tried and true favorites at Limeade:

IMG 7098 300x300 - How to celebrate ‘International Fun at Work Day’ on April 1

  • Scooter races: Pull out those Razor scooters and create a start and finish line.
  • Ping pong tournament: Pair up and take on another doubles team for some smashing table tennis.
  • 2 on 2 basketball: Put up a mini hoop and let the games begin. To incorporate more employees, try playing a game of Horse.
  • Cornhole: The backyard game also serves as a favorite for inside the office.
  • Family Feud: Break off into teams and create questions around your business.
  • Fitness contests: See who can hold a plank or wall sit the longest.


4. Reward winners 

Make sure you offer prizes for your games. This heats up the competition and makes winning more fun. Reward employees with incentives like points in your employee engagement program or gift cards to a restaurant or movie theater.

5. Make it your own 

Personalize your activities to fit your company and culture. At Limeade, Family Feud becomes ‘Limeafued’ and cornhole turns into ‘Limehole.’ Investing in your own games will help employees do the same!

What ideas do you have to celebrate? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.