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Strategies for Navigating HR in the Digital World

The world is more digital than ever before. In fact, 1 in 5 Americans use smartphones as their primary means of online access. At the same time, companies are struggling to communicate with their employees and are unsure of the road ahead.

How do you deliver an employee mobile app to a non-digital, deskless workforce?

First, you have to understand three important factors:

  • What matters to your people
  • What metrics are important for your business
  • How to best drive adoption

Whether your workforce is in corporate offices or healthcare facilities, understanding employee needs and then offering relevant benefits updates, HR services, social interaction and engagement will set you up for success.

Moving HR routines into the mobile world allows you to deliver efficient and effective HR self-services. The following brochure provides practical tips and strategies for bringing an employee mobile app to your workforce.


L HR InDigitalWorld graphic - Strategies for Navigating HR in the Digital World

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