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Infographic: Why organizational support plays a pivotal role in employee engagement and well-being

We partnered with USA Today on an infographic to highlight the power of organizational support for well-being improvement. Well-being is the combination of feeling good and living with purpose. At Limeade, we’re focused on whole-person well-being — physical, emotional, work and financial well-being — to acknowledge that what happens in one part of your life impacts all others.

While well-being is a subjective concept (meaning only you can say if your well-being is high or low) it plays a big role in employee engagement. In fact, our research shows that 88% of employees with high well-being said they feel engaged at work. And only 50% of those with low well-being do. But how your organization supports well-being is a critical part of the equation.

Organizational support is the resources and nudges an organization intentionally provides employees to encourage well-being improvement. And it comes in many forms:

The connection with well-being is crucial. When employees believe they have support from their organization, they’re more likely to have higher well-being. The opposite is true, too — employees are more likely to feel lower levels of well-being when they perceive lower support from the organization. When organizations aren’t supportive, employees aren’t as likely to achieve well-being on their own.

From managers and leadership to well-being tools and programs and company culture, people need support to improve their personal well-being. The bottom line: It’s only when you build an organization that weaves support into its fabric that your company will maximize its potential. Is your organization ready to show your employees you care?

Check out the infographic below to read more on why employer support plays a pivotal role in employee engagement: 

Organizational Support and Employee Engagement Infographiclime2 o - Infographic: Why organizational support plays a pivotal role in employee engagement and well-beingWhy Employer Support Plays a Pivotal Role in Employee Engagement

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