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Innovation and Collaboration: Limeade Summer Hackathon 2018

What technologies can we explore, pain points can we remove, and product improvements can we make to continue to differentiate Limeade as the engagement platform that empowers employees to bring their hearts and minds to work every day?

On July 23rd, Limeade kicked off our bi-annual Summer Hackathon — to give LimeMates the creative freedom to explore that question.  

About the Limeade Hackathon

What’s the Limeade Hackathon? It’s one of the ways we encourage creative exploration and bottom-up innovation at Limeade to make our product better for our customers and users.

We set aside four days for exploration, discovery, collaboration and celebration. The guidelines are simple — hack on whatever you want while keeping the whisper of the thought, “how might this disrupt or improve the status quo at Limeade?” in the back of your mind.  

While our engineers were busy hacking away we also hosted three all-company events to contribute to the inclusive and transparent nature of this year’s Summer Hackathon:

  1. Hackathon Q&A Brown Bag
  2. Product R&D Happy Hour
  3. Hackathon Demo

On the final day of the hackathon, LimeMates crowded into our largest conference room at Limeade headquarters to see what our engineers had come up with. The seats were full as more teammates continued to join — in the end it was standing room only with an overflow crowd gathered outside of the windows. Employees also listened in via the conference call along with our 60+ remote attendees. No pressure, right? 

HackathonImage - Innovation and Collaboration: Limeade Summer Hackathon 2018

As Erick Rivas, our CTO and VP of Product Development, kicked things off, it quickly became apparent that the crowd would not be disappointed. We crammed 15 demos into an hour and a half. The innovations presented addressed long-time pet peeves, provided extreme performance enhancements, introduced fun new user experiences — and the list goes on.  

One week later, we’re still buzzing from the ingenuity, teamwork, initiative and genuine interactions experienced during those 96 hours. At Limeade, we use Hackathons to build community, learn from and teach each other, solve problems, create something new and collaboratively push the limits of technology as we know it today.

From July 23–26, 2018, we did all that and more, and over the next six months the fun will continue as the breakthroughs make their way into our product. And before we know it, it will be time for our Winter Hackathon! 

About the Author

Katy Nydam is the Director of Agility and Transformation at Limeade focusing on cross-departmental communication and collaboration. She is energized by candid conversation and creative problem solving, and believes that anything is possible when you approach situations with an open mind. She is a Washington state native, born and raised on beautiful Whidbey Island.