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How Inclusion Drives Innovation in the Workplace

When all the components of an inclusive workplace are in place, inclusion creates an environment where innovation can thrive. 

To understand the connection between inclusion and innovation in the workplace, you need to first understand innovation. In theory, it’s the creation of a new idea or way of operating. But what does that mean in practice? And how does it show up in people’s lives and work? 

For most people, innovation starts with creativity — the origination of ideas. Regardless of role, creativity takes risk — it takes venturing out into the unknown. From there, you might innovate, or you might miss the mark and learn a lot.

How inclusion drives innovation

Before creativity and innovation, there’s risk. There’s a person behind an idea who goes out on a limb. And when that person has a voice, when they feel they’re valued (for their uniqueness) and part of an environment that will support them even in the face of failure (a sense of belonging), that risk seems way more approachable. 

An inclusive culture welcomes ideas and people — and that’s what drives innovation  - How Inclusion Drives Innovation in the Workplace

It’s no secret that inclusive workplaces see better business results. When an organization truly invests in the process, inclusion unlocks potential. Diversity of perspective, the unique lived experience of every employee, supports and encourages innovation, in big ways and small. 

The data backs it up. Inclusive cultures are six times more likely to be innovative. Diverse, unique, collaborative people strengthen company culture, and when organizations display ongoing commitment to making sure employees feel included and valued, the result is an inclusive workplace that’s innovative and productive. 

Whether innovation in the workplace means an entirely new way of doing business, or a better system for collaboration between coworkers, inclusion is the basis of any highly functioning company. 

But it doesn’t stop with workplace innovation. Inclusion feeds an employee’s overall well-being, fuels the commitment they have to their company and fosters engagement in everything they do.

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