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Integrating with Wearables: The Limeade way

What gets measured, gets improved. Period. And that’s why wearables are so vital to well-being.

Smart watches and fitness trackers help us track steps, sleep, exercise, and even listen to music or stay connected. According to new market research from International Data Corporation (IDC), the entire worldwide wearables market is on track for 15.1 percent growth this year, for a total of 132.9 million units shipped. And smartwatches will make up one third of the wearables market in 2018.

Here at Limeade, we’re big fans of wearables and apps, so much so that our platform connects to more than 80 of them, allowing data to automatically track for users toward their goals and activities. Our customers’ employees can use almost any device they choose to make the program easier and more fun, compete with their colleagues, receive immediate feedback, and support and earn rewards through the Limeade platform.

Recently, Limeade deepened our integration with some of the most popular devices available:

  • The Limeade iOS App can connect with Apple Health so Apple Watch or iPhone users can use those devices to track sleep, steps and more for Limeade activities.
  • Limeade recently partnered with Fitbit to deliver a Limeade App and clock face for Fitbit smart watches. The Limeade app and clock face on Fitbit smart watches inspire users with daily habits and surveys directly from their Fitbit.

Limeade Fitbit ClockFace - Integrating with Wearables: The Limeade way

We continually talk to our customers and listen to feedback from users to ensure we’re offering support for the devices and experiences that users use most.

Offering wearables like a Fitbit is a great way to deliver easy access to health and well-being tools to your employees, and ultimately show your employees you care. That’s how I got my first Fitbit — and I couldn’t be more grateful toward my employer. The 10K-steps buzz I get on my Fitbit when I reach my daily goal is rewarding and helps lead me to better daily habits. It reminds me to keep moving and be thankful for my well-being.

Want to learn more about how Limeade integrates with partners and devices? Read about our Limeade Integration Center.

About the Author

Yogesh Ratnaparkhi is a Director of Product Management at Limeade. He is committed to evolving the Limeade platform to be smarter, more personalized and extensible across hundreds of partners, apps and devices. He integrates Limeade values into his life through being and teaching mindfulness.