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Is the job a good fit? 5 questions to ask yourself

Profile Picture of Simona Trakiyska 1 - Is the job a good fit? 5 questions to ask yourselfJob satisfaction isn’t just a myth. So to help you find fulfilling work, we’ve got five questions to ask yourself in this guest post from Limeade account manager Simona Trakiyska. Simona is the founder and chief storyteller of Seattle Yoga News. Her grandfather taught her yoga – he’s now 80 and still practices. Simona’s life goal is to inspire others the way he inspired her.

5 questions to ask before taking a new job


1. Are you passionate about the company’s mission and product?

Why join a new company? Because you’re looking for career advancement, a new work environment or more pay? A combination of it all? Or are you seeking a shift from a skill-based position to a mission-driven role? Depending on your personal goals, these are critical questions – they’ll help you identify exactly where you need to be.

If you don’t love the mission or the product, why pursue a position? Great leaders know this best: they hire people who have the same core beliefs as them because they know you won’t just be there for the money.

2. Do your values match the organization’s values?

We all have a story. Our experiences, failures and achievements have shaped us into the people we are today. We’ve formed a personal value system, which impacts our behavior and attitude. If any of the company’s values don’t resonate with you, ask yourself: “Why?” Applying for a position and joining a company are like starting a new relationship – you won’t get far if you don’t share similar values with your partner in the first place.

3. Are you passionate about your position?

There’s nothing more rewarding than loving what you do. Sometimes it takes a few positions, industries and companies to figure it out, but once you do, it’ll feel like a home run. Aim for the role that makes you wake up with a smile, the team that values you and the leadership that inspires you. It’s the collective cultural identity that’ll help you reach your potential, overcome obstacles, learn AND grow.

4. Are you open to tackling unfamiliar projects?

Companies come with many variables, and change is the only constant. Understanding this will help you feel comfortable with the unfamiliar so you can roll up your sleeves to tackle any project. You might even discover a new passion in the process.

5. If the company’s growing, are you ready to grow with it?

Teams, departments and companies grow up and scale down – and with this comes challenges. If you want to grow with the company, be ready to expand the scope of your responsibilities beyond the initial job description.

We think these are super important questions to ask yourself as you consider new career opportunities. As we grow our company, we’re looking for people who answered “yes” to all of these. If that’s you, check out our job openings and apply today to join our team. We love it here — and Seattle Business Magazine just named us the #3 best large company to work for in Washington.