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Speaking Plainly About Limeade Culture

Culture is the collective values, norms and beliefs of your organization — also known as “how things are done around here.” It’s the backdrop for everything that happens at your company and the day-to-day experiences.  

At Limeade, we view our culture as the way we live our values each day. 

Our purpose is to transform work into a source of positivity, energy, humanity and purpose. Our values boldly declare how we promise to behave and were created with an intentional commitment to inclusive behaviors. We are constantly striving to improve our culture and deliver on our promise of employee care through our values. 

We live them every day — in our meetings, our conversations with customers, our interactions with each other and even our choices about which snacks we stock in the office. 

Our values, coupled with our purpose, help point us in the right direction — we call it our compass. Our compass is a clear guide for where we’re going and how we make our most important strategic decisions. We view our culture as a “culture of improvement.” And this is the label we put over the top of our values for the expectations we have at Limeade. 

Here they are, along with ways we live them: 

Listen Well, Speak Plainly 

Communicate with clarity and kindness; lead with data. 

Listen Well Speak Plainly 269x300 - Speaking Plainly About Limeade Culture

We are open, candid and authentic. Managers and leaders strive to be role models for listening and empathy — and create a safe environment for employees to speak plainly. We speak simply, kindly, respectfully and with courage, while inviting others to participate and communicate in ways that work for them. We don’t avoid difficult conversations — we act on them to create clarity, solve problems and help people improve. 

We’re a Team 

Be part of something bigger, better, more diverse and powerful than yourself. 

Were a Team 269x300 - Speaking Plainly About Limeade Culture

We take teamwork seriously. We show up for our teams, value human beings and their differences, embrace and learn from diverse backgrounds, beliefs and perspectives, and seek to understand and empathize with LimeMates worldwide. As a team, we are committed to communication, connection and collaboration. Creating a sense of belonging among employees is our top priority — to ensure Limeade is a place where everyone is valued and can be themselves. 

Own It 

Do things the right and repeatable way. 

Own It 269x300 - Speaking Plainly About Limeade Culture

We take initiative and make things happen. We own the quality and quantity of our work, hold high expectations and show up with positivity, energy, humanity and purpose. We surround ourselves with talented, passionate people to learn from. We humbly own our own behavior and performance and ensure data integrity. One employee can’t solve everything — we empower others to make and own decisions by setting employees up with clear goals and deliverables, tools, resources and information to be successful. 

Anything is Possible 

Innovate and believe. Be positive and resilient. 

Anything is Possible 269x300 - Speaking Plainly About Limeade Culture

We look for possibilities and turn them into reality. We believe in ourselves and each other — with a positive mindset and active engagement. We face challenges head on, demonstrate courage to take risks, learn from our mistakes and share with others so we can all learn. We seek information, listen, coach and encourage others to find solutions while removing roadblocks when needed. We celebrate successes and demonstrate appreciation for others. We are visionary, inspiring and supportive, and believe anything is possible. 

Be the Change 

A positive, energizing, human and purposeful employee experience starts with you. 

Be the Change 269x300 - Speaking Plainly About Limeade Culture

Care for yourself, put your “oxygen mask” on first before you do so for someone else. We demonstrate a growth mindset by being curious, asking questions, embracing feedback and challenges to learn and grow. We actively help make the Limeade employee experience better by using our own product every day. We care for and connect with our team as whole people. We identify strengths and areas for improvement — with manager and leader support. We inspire innovation and creativity, and actively demonstrate care for our people. 

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