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Let’s get personal: Speaking plainly about Limeade culture

We’ve spent the past few weeks defining culture and teaching you how to align culture with your business strategy. Now it's time to get personal. We want to showcase what culture looks like at Limeade.

Simply put, we view our culture as the way we live our values each day.

We see two circles when we think about our culture. One represents what we want to be (our values – or the culture we aspire to have) and the other shows what we are now (our current culture). It’s the overlap – or lack of in some cases – that matters. No organization has a perfect culture, and some companies have two circles that don’t even touch.

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At Limeade, our circles have a lot of overlap – and we’re proud of that. We’re always striving to improve, so we know our two circles will never meet as one.

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While we did paint our values on our walls, we don't just walk by them. We live them every day – in our meetings, our conversations with customers, our interactions with each other and even our choices about which snacks we stock.

We view our culture as a "culture of improvement." And this is the label we put over the top of our values for the expectations we have at Limeade.

Here they are, along with ways we live them:

Delight our customers

We don’t just say we exceed customer expectations. We actively ask them if we’re doing it.  Four times a year, we invite a few customers together to listen to their ideas on ways we can improve. Our new team challenge experience lets participants send a “cheer” as encouragement to fellow teammates – a direct suggestion from our customer listening labs.

Speak plainly

We’re transparent and open in all we do – whether it’s giving feedback, sharing company goals and progress or saying no to something that doesn’t jive with our mission. We speak the truth simply, respectfully and with courage.

Anything is possible

We see possibilities and aren’t afraid of taking risks. We’re constantly dreaming up imaginative side projects to improve Limeade systems and processes. Our top leaders expect employees from all experience levels to think big and contribute to our vision – in fact, our CEO thinks the best ideas come from people in junior roles. As part of their role description, some employees are responsible for constantly tinkering with ways to improve our systems and processes.

Own it

We take responsibility and commit to the success of our customers, company and team. We admit when we make mistakes, and learn from them. We ask our employees for weekly feedback and make adjustments. Our bi-annual Own It Day provides everyone a chance to team up and pitch actual enhancements to our product. That’s even when we created one of our favorite customer service support tools! A QA developer realized we were inefficiently identifying the root causes of fitness device data problems, so he pitched an idea – and now we use the tool every day.

We’re a team

We take teamwork super seriously. We collaborate with others to achieve goals and create connections across teams. Our weekly company wide meetings invite everyone to jump in and share their feedback. We encourage employees to take walking meetings with coworkers in other departments to get to know each other and see if they can join forces on any projects.

Be it

We ask employees to walk the talk and use our Limeade product to improve their own well-being. We reward them by paying for their healthcare benefits AND even giving them an extra day of PTO. You’d be amazed by the people you see around the office, our house is full of ironman champions, nutritionists, yogis and meditation experts.

But enough about us. Want to learn more about how to live out your culture? Download our new-book!

Download now to learn:

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