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Limeade Advisory Board – Behind the scenes

The greatest driving force for Limeade innovation is our customers. We’re lucky to partner with some of the most forward-thinking employers in the world, and we’re committed to turning their ideas, obstacles and feedback into action.

That’s why we launched the Limeade Advisory Board (LAB) – a group of senior HR leaders at customer organizations who provide strategic guidance on the direction of our business. Last month, we wrapped the final meeting of our 2015 cohort.

The discussions were enlightening, strategic and energizing. They included:

  • Customer panels: Several LAB members shared their annual goals strategies and significant learnings to date. The key takeaway? Employers in completely different industries (we’re talking government vs. high tech) face the same opportunities and barriers to success – such as promoting wellness champions and connecting program engagement to business results. 
  • Business insights deep dive: In a $20 billion HR tech industry, employers need to justify the impact of their spend. Members broke down the insights and stories that truly matter to their businesses.
  • “Orca Tank”: Like “Shark Tank,” but with a Pacific Northwest twist, LAB members pitched their big ideas to the Limeade leadership team. Our favorite customer quote: “Limeade is stronger than the sum of its customers. Together, we have the chance to impact entire communities.”
  • Product Science Fair: We showed members the coolest and most forward-looking Limeade “inventions and experiments” and solicited feedback to refine our long-term vision.
  • Special session with former president of American College of Preventive Medicine: He’s kind of a big deal. Dr. Michael Parkinson shared his view on what it really takes to improve health, well-being and productivity in the workplace – and what’s holding us back.

Photo recap of the LAB

We started our day with a short (and gorgeous) flight from Seattle to San Juan Island.

LAB 2015

Seattle Skyline

San Juan Island

Our backdrop for the day was both relaxing and energizing.

San Juan Island house

San Juan Island Yard

Our valued LAB members brought strategic feedback, industry insight and new ideas to the table.

LAB meeting

LAB planning

The next day at Limeade Headquarters, our LAB members experienced the first-ever Product Science Fair. 

LAB beaker

To wrap up, LAB members met with the entire Limeade staff for a Q&A session. 

LAB company meeting

Thank you to all who attended. Your partnership, candid counsel and shared commitment to improving well-being in the world is invaluable to Limeade. Until next year!

LAB group