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Limeade CEO Talks Well-Being Analytics on the Future of Work Podcast

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been on a podcast kick. We listened to dozens and compiled our favorites. We’ve also had the opportunity to join podcasts and talk about our views on the industry — most recently the Future of Work Podcast.

The Future of Work Podcast is hosted by Al Adamsen, founder and director of the Talent Strategy Institute. The institute’s mission is to innovate and advance workforce planning, analytics and talent strategy. Limeade CEO Henry Albrecht recently joined Al to chat about well-being as a KPI and his view on future mega trends in HR.

Pop in those headphones on your next lunch or walking break and listen to the 30-minute episode here:

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What well-being really means and why whole person well-being matters more
  • How employers should measure well-being (hint: asking your employees ‘how are you’ once a year is not going to cut it)
  • If you measure the well-being of people, you’ll measure the performance of your people
  • The difference between well-being and employee engagement
  • How the rigor of digital marketing analytics is on its way to HR

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