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How Limeade uses company values to drive success

Earlier this week, Limeade CEO Henry Albrecht joined TINYpulse Head of Marketing Kevin Nakao for a webinar on how to use company values to drive success. Henry shared his strategy for a successful values-driven culture, as well as some of the ways we do that at Limeade. In case you missed it, here’s what we shared:

Values need to connect with employees.

At Limeade, we held focus groups and refined our values to get employee input and feedback to ensure they connected to our overall strategy.

Values should align with your business strategy.

We view our culture of improvement as the way we live our values each day – it’s the label we put over the top of our values for the expectations we have at Limeade. We intentionally selected our values to connect with our business. For example, one of our values is “delight customers” because we’re a customer-driven organization. We have “be it” because we want to push improvement in our own lives if we’re helping our customers do the same.

Values can evolve.

Our original values came from a team brainstorm when talking with initial Limeade employees (back in 2007). Our values evolved from those written on a paper napkin to those written on our wall.

Values need to be integrated into your everyday practices.

To be successful at creating a values-driven culture, you need to be intentional about how and where your values show up every day. Values should be part of your everyday language and structure. 

Limeade values in action:

While we did paint our values on our walls, we don’t just walk by them. Here are some of the ways we live them every day:

  • New and prospective customer meetings – We share our values in the beginning of every meeting so our prospects know what we stand for as a company.
  • Full HR cycle – We use our values for recruiting, hiring, promotions and firing. And we’ve developed interview guides to ensure we’re asking questions that evaluate candidate’s abilities to demonstrate our values.
  • LimeMates program – Our internal well-being program features activities that tie to our values to make sure all LimeMates know and live them. One example of this is a recent video that all employees watched showcasing our CEO Henry telling the story of how Limeade was born.
  • All company values-based days – A few times a year we host “Own It” and “Anything is Possible days,” where we come together as a company for innovation and vision.
  • Employee awards – Twice a year, we give out the culture of improvement awards: Six values-based awards given to employees who best exemplify our six values.
  • Performance reviews – As part of our monthly performance reviews through TINYpulse Perform, employees are asked to rate themselves on how well they’ve consistently demonstrated the Limeade values that month and managers rate and provide feedback as well
  • Weekly surveys – As part of our weekly surveys through TINYpulse Engage, we ask employees questions around our values such as “Overall, Limeade employees live our values” or “Do you think that we consistently stay true to our core values as an organization?” Our leadership team reviews all the verbatim comments and take action based on employee feedback.
  • Cheers for Peers – LimeMates give each other cheers based on our values.

And focusing on values has delivered measurable results for Limeade:

  • Attract talent – We have an average of 113 applicants per job opening.
  • Retain talent – We have an average of less than 5 percent autumnal unwanted turnover over the last five years.
  • Alignment & innovation – We’ve hired 111 people in the last 18 months.
  • Delight customers – We score 64 points higher on NPS than the HR software average.
  • Awards – We’ve won some pretty awesome awards, including the #1 best large workplace in Washington.  

To learn more about how to use your company values to drive success, watch the full webinar below.