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Limeade customer Williams wins Healthy Executive Award

Nothing gets us more jazzed than seeing our customers win awards for health & well-being. So we’re thrilled to share that Williams VP of Strategic Development, David Darcey, recently won the Healthy Executive Award from the Tulsa Health Department
Darcey was selected for leading by example though his dedication to health and fitness. In addition to biking to work, running marathons and summiting mountains, Darcey is an executive champion of the annual Williams Route 66 Marathon and advocates for the well-being of his team both in and outside the office. 
One of Fortune’s 2015 Most Admired U.S. Energy Companies, Williams is committed to energizing and empowering employees to take charge of their total well-being. We’re proud to call them a partner, and congratulate David Darcey on this achievement. You can read his full story below.

Darcey Wins Healthy Executive Award from Tulsa Health Department

When it comes to wellness, David Darcey, Williams’ VP of Strategic Development, doesn’t just walk the talk. He runs it, bikes it and climbs it.

Darcey bikes to work most days – a 30-mile round trip, is training for his 45th marathon and plans to scale California’s 14,500-foot Mt. Whitney this summer.

“Because I’m in good shape, I don’t have to think twice about whether I can do something,” Darcey says. “I enjoy being fit and I can’t imagine not doing what I love.”

That dedication to fitness, and his leading by example, is why Darcey has been named a 2015 Healthy Executive by the Tulsa Health Department. Darcey was honored during a ceremony on May 28.

The Healthy Executive program recognizes the top company executives who support their company’s worksite wellness program while maintaining their own personal commitment to health and wellness. This dedication provides both the inspiration and the opportunity for their employees to pursue wellness.

Darcey, 53, says physical fitness is key to mental wellness. After a busy day, the hour-long bike ride home allows him to reflect on his day and plan ahead.

Darcey says he’s thankful that Williams supports employee health with wellness initiatives, a Bike to Work program and sponsorship of the annual Williams Route 66 Marathon. Darcey has participated in every Route 66 marathon and has committed to doing so as long as Williams is involved.

“I’m proud to be the executive champion of Williams’ title sponsorship of the marathon,” Darcey said. “Not only does our sponsorship contribute to the Tulsa community, it’s a tool to recruit new employees to our organization. I will champion it every chance I get.”

Companies large and small can benefit from comprehensive wellness efforts.

“A healthy workplace is a happy and productive workplace,” Darcey says. “We want to add value to our employees’ lives. When we all perform to our best, it benefits us individually and as a business.”

Williams employee Amethyst Cavallaro says Darcey inspires his team to take care of their physical and mental health.

“He insists that we completely unplug when we go on vacation so we can recharge our batteries,” says Cavallaro, Sr. Market Intelligence Analyst. “At the office, he absolutely supports us blocking off time on our calendars to get to the gym or take a walk. He truly serves as inspiration for future leaders at Williams.”

Darcey said he’s proud to represent Williams and the company’s commitment to health and wellness.

He encourages Tulsa employees to participate in the Williams Route 66 marathon and the bike to work program. “I’ll even tell you how to get out of the loading docks after hours,” he says.

The Williams Way to Wellness program energizes and empowers employees to take charge of their health and wellness goals with a total-being approach that emphasizes education and preventative measures.

The wellness program began a decade ago and has continued evolving to meet the needs of employees and to support the company’s values of productivity, safety and leadership.

About 70 percent of Tulsa employees participate in the program, which includes access to an onsite Fitness Center, onsite health screenings and discounts on health insurance premiums.