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Introducing our newest product: Limeade Interactive™

When viewers read text they retain 10 percent of new information – but when they watch videos, the retention rate increases to 65 percent.*


That’s why we introduced Limeade Interactive™ today. It’s a new video and quiz product that educates and inspires employees to improve their well-being.

During the past year, we had a lot of success (and fun!) testing the product within our own well-being program, LimeMates.

Here are a couple of ways we leverage Limeade Interactive

Training and onboarding

LI iphone challenge 149x300 - Introducing our newest product: Limeade Interactive™Our entire onboarding experience is available online through Limeade Interactive. This means new hires can learn all about our company values, processes and culture in one place. Our long-time employees benefit from additional training videos, too. To improve our interview skills across the company, we watched Limeade Interactive videos and tested our knowledge on best practices, our interview policies and how we can work together to bring in the best talent.

Company education

Looking for something unconventional? So was our CEO Henry Albrecht. He wanted to show all employees where we started and how far we’ve gone. He couldn’t take us back in time — so he filmed an interactive Limeade office tour, starting with his basement. We got more than a glimpse of Limeade history — we got to see our leader’s personality and passion for the company.

Did these examples spark ideas that you can try to bring your own company culture to life? Let us know in the comments!


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