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Limeade Named to Greatist’s List of Healthiest U.S. Companies

We were pretty excited this morning to see that Greatist named Limeade to their list of the 44 healthiest companies in the U.S. It’s pretty humbling to sit alongside companies whose culture we admire so much – like Zappos, General Electric and others. We’re also a huge fan of Greatist – one of the premier health & wellness websites out there today.

 Greatist Approved – 2014 Healthiest Companies

G Approved HealthyCo - Limeade Named to Greatist's List of Healthiest U.S. CompaniesCheck out the article and the write-up on Limeade:

As a tech biz whose product provides companies with an easy way to measure and improve employees’ health, well-being, and performance, it makes sense that Limeade would want to do the same with its team. This starts with weekly surveys that measure if individual teams are stressed or relaxed, disconnected or engaged. The team averages are made public in an effort to drive accountability and spark improvement. Limeade also builds on that company culture with office challenges called LimeMates Be It. Past examples include “Pound the Pavement” (increase daily steps) and “Flash Fitness” (one-minute exercise challenges). Limeade also works to make the office environment as comfortable as possible by offering standing desks, exercise balls, and razor scooters (to get around the office or the neighborhood) for any of its 100-plus workers interested. 


While we pride ourselves on cultivating a healthy environment – fridge stocked with healthy snacks, flexible hours, fitness challenges, biometric screenings and more – we’re even more proud of the intentional culture that we’re constantly working to improve.

Thanks, Greatist for selecting us!