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Four Days of Creative Exploration and Innovation: Limeade Partner Hackathon 2019

This spring, Limeade hosted our first annual Partner Hackathon. We invited our partners to this design event in an effort to collaborate across teams to create functioning features.

This collaboration is one of the ways we encourage creative exploration and bottom-up innovation at Limeade, to make our product better for our customers and users. 

About the Limeade Partner Hackathon

The hackathon focused on the utilization of “micro-apps” and how they will drive future functionality and solutions within our new Limeade ONE platform — the first and only platform to deliver well-being, engagement, inclusion and communications solutions in one seamless user experience. Limeade Micro-Apps are an important part of the Limeade ONE platform moving forward — they’re the primary feature that guides users to activities within one employee app.

Limeade Partner Hackathon 1024x767 - Four Days of Creative Exploration and Innovation: Limeade Partner Hackathon 2019

Over four days, we had nine partner companies participate, collaborate and innovate together at Limeade headquarters. Our goal: Build a platform that will help our customers create an amazing employee experience.

The integration that was created by the end of the interactive workshop not only met our expectations, but exceeded them. The results of the hackathon were debuted at the 360 Employee Experience at our recent Limeade Engage conference and will be showcased in Limeade ONE as we head into the future.

With the support and expertise of our partner ecosystem, Limeade delivers the relevant resources and tools companies need to elevate their employee experience. Going beyond novelty add-ons and features, our partner integrations allow customers to seamlessly enhance the user experience for their people.  

Check out this video that captures the highlights of the event:

For more information on Limeade partners, visit Our Partners page.