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How Dr Pepper Snapple used Limeade and Retrofit to achieve wellness vision

Trying to strike a balance between wellness and targeted outcome-based solutions has historically been frustrating and ineffective. But a leading beverage company has proven that it’s possible when you team up with the right partners.

As part of its overall health benefits for employees, Dr Pepper Snapple Group (DPS) wanted to offer even more wellness tools and resources to help employees address their health risks and stay well. So they partnered with Limeade and Retrofit to achieve their wellness vision: establish an overall healthier culture and reduce preventable health risks through weight-management.

Difference of the DPS approach

DPS wanted their wellness program to align with the company’s overall belief in balance – balancing the calories consumed with the calories expended. In addition, DPS wanted their weight-management solution to integrate with real-time biometric and health screening results. With experience in each of these areas, both Limeade and Retrofit collaborated to sync their technologies, customize their solutions and provide a seamless wellness platform for the company.

Getting employees onboard

Creating a seamless wellness program was the first step. Next step: informing employees. To reach the company’s largely field-based population – composed of warehouse workers, production front-line folks, on-the-road drivers and sales teams – the team developed a targeted and highly personalized communication approach. Employees’ varying access to technology and limited availability make them difficult to reach and engage. To overcome this challenge, the team integrated all the key touch points throughout the program, including program design, platform technology, points and rewards, engagement and communication, customer care and data.

Learn more: six points of integration

To learn more, watch this recording of a 30-minute webinar with DPS, Limeade and Retrofit. You’ll get to hear from April Rodriguez, health & wellness manager at DPS, and Whitney Mirro, VP of operations at Retrofit, as they explore key points of integration designed to drive overall health outcomes.

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Or take a look at the presentation slides below: