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Return to the Workplace: How Limeade Solutions Help Companies Transition Back to Work

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 completely altered our world and our lives — and will forever change how we work and view the workplace. As workplaces slowly begin to reopen and employees return to their physical workspaces, a new phase of this crisis begins. The pandemic gives us the chance to be more intentional about many components of the employee experience to show care during transitions, including trust, flexibility, whole-person well-being, technology, family, human connections, where we work from, how we serve customers, financial planning and more.  

This not only means reimagining the new world of work but showing care for employees throughout the entire process. Why? Because when employees feel cared for they are: 

  • 10 times more likely to recommend their company as a great place to work 
  • Nine times more likely to stay at their company for three or more years 
  • Four times less likely to suffer from stress and burnout 
  • Twice as likely to be engaged at work 

At Limeade, our goal is for every employee to know their company cares. We offer flexible, science-based solutions that can help you care for your employees through this transition and beyond.  

The Limeade Approach to Managing Transitions 

Only Limeade delivers an integrated approach to the employee experience that encompasses whole person, whole company and whole ecosystem support and how these attributes manifest during times of transition. 

  • Whole Person: Care and support for the whole person — managing change while encouraging the individual to care for themselves.  
  • Whole Company: Establishing connections, feedback channels, and ongoing dialogues inspires and supports employees. 
  • Whole Ecosystem: Ensuring organizations can deliver the right resource to the right person at the right time as employees get acclimated back into a new work environment or transition. 

“I can’t imagine an organization having to navigate through a circumstance as disruptive as COVID-19 without having a platform like Limeade in place to help their people.” “We know that people are going through stress, anxiety and more — and having a central point that we can say ‘here is help’ — our speed to care for people has been there from day one.”

– Tony Bridwell, Chief People Officer at Ryan LLC

Putting that approach into action 

Below are examples of how to utilize Limeade solutions to show care to your employees during this time using the core product functionality of updates, listening, insights, activities, recognition and extensions. 

1. Updates — Communicate resources, policies and real-time information 

  • Integrate with your intranet, internal news flow and with external sources (e.g. CDC feed) 
  • Option to mark as “important”, include push notifications to ensure they aren’t missed 
  • Targeted to specific groups so information is timely and relevant 

Keep employees updated with resources, current work situations and policies along with check-ins to enhance employee connection. Updates can be written and shared in minutes with the entire company or targeted to specific groups — including safety guidance, office information, training resources and more — customizable and aligned to your company and unique needs.  

Updates 1 - Return to the Workplace: How Limeade Solutions Help Companies Transition Back to Work

2. Listening — Check in to hear feedback 

  • Custom pulse surveys to quickly understand employee sentiment and needs 
  • Limeade Institute recommendations regarding pulse survey questions 

Connect to your workforce quickly and easily to help clarify and answer new questions and ensure you understand how employees are feeling during a time of transition.  

Activity Final 1 - Return to the Workplace: How Limeade Solutions Help Companies Transition Back to Work

3. Insights — Real-time data & relevance 

  • Real-time dashboards show activity usage and what information is being seen most by employees for better targeting 
  • Recommendations guide users to relevant activities to support their needs 

Online dashboards show program participation, strategic indicators and predictive analytics — including engagement trends, turnover risk and risk for burnout. 

Dashboards copy 1024x480 - Return to the Workplace: How Limeade Solutions Help Companies Transition Back to Work

4. Activities — Support your people, unite the company and maximize your ecosystem 

  • Over 800 activities in Limeade activity library 
  • Activities particularly suited to helping employees focus on whole-person well-being as they transition back to work 
  • Limeade Institute guidance to deliver activities aligned to pulse survey topics 

Limeade offers a science-backed library of hundreds of whole-person well-being activities and a global Well-Being Assessment created by Limeade Institute organizational psychologists. Launch activities for your employees focused on care in crisis or managing transitions, such as: manager check-ins, how to have a great 1:1, exhale stress with your team or EAP, meditation, sleep resources and ergonomics.

Screen Shot 2020 05 27 at 4.18.24 PM - Return to the Workplace: How Limeade Solutions Help Companies Transition Back to Work

5. Recognition — Cheer each other on & create community 

  • Recognize well-being milestones 
  • Share ideas, wins and support to increase social connection and community 

Limeade offers an organic and simple way to encourage connection and support for coworkers — especially important during times of stress and ambiguity.

Recognition - Return to the Workplace: How Limeade Solutions Help Companies Transition Back to Work

6. Extensions — Expand the employee experience to support all your employees 

  • Provide key resources, an improved user experience and integration with HR services and systems that drives increased employee awareness, participation and utilization 
Screen Shot 2020 05 27 at 4.20.09 PM - Return to the Workplace: How Limeade Solutions Help Companies Transition Back to Work

Partner Support 

The Limeade approach to managing transitions such as returning to the workplace, includes integrating with trusted partners. We have select partners who provide care in crisis resources, focusing on essential ways to help employers curb the spread of COVID-19 at worksites. This includes go-to-work temperature checks, onsite health screeners, health surveys and more.  

Limeade is an employee experience software company that helps build great places to work. Our platform unifies employee well-being, engagement and inclusion solutions with industry-leading communications capabilities. Recognized for its own award-winning culture, Limeade helps every employee know their company cares. To learn more about how Limeade solutions can help companies show care during transitions, visit to request a demo today.