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Limeade take on Castlight Health’s Jiff Acquisition

Big news hit our industry last week with the Castlight Health acquisition of Jiff. Consolidation in this market is not new. Last year, we wrote up our thoughts after the first major shift. They still ring true now more than ever. Check out the whitepaper here.

But what does the Jiff acquisition mean specifically for Limeade? Our CEO Henry Albrecht detailed his thoughts on LinkedIn this week:

“We’re one of the last organically grown, privately-funded, well-being tech pioneers still standing. And we don’t have to report to the SEC just yet.

For ten years, it’s been our mission measurably to improve well-being in the world. It’s our DNA, and DNA is hard to change. And we’re nowhere near done. We’ll continue to focus on driving real engagement by taking a whole-person approach, looking beyond physical health to emotional, work and financial well-being, and how they all work together. And we’ll continue to have a data-informed POV.

We know you can’t just hand employees tools, you have to provide guidance, delightful design and best practice advice on how organizations can support well-being at every level.”

Read the rest of the post on LinkedIn.

We’re more excited than ever to continue our mission of improving well-being in the world through happy, healthy, high-performing employees and can’t wait to see what happens next.