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Why we love Josh Bersin

If Josh Bersin — sought-after industry leader and analyst in all areas of corporate HR — is not on your radar as you’re delving into your 2018 strategy, it’s time to dig in. Needless to say, we’re big fans of his work at Limeade.

We have two opportunities to introduce you to this thought leader:

1. Josh Bersin will keynote our annual conference Limeade Engage 2018.

2. No time to travel? We’re co-hosting a 45-minute webinar on March 6that 2 p.m. EST.   

Who is Josh Bersin

Josh Bersin is an industry leader and HR analyst. He’s also the founder of Bersin™, a business inside of Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Human Capital practice, which is an independent research team.

Bersin studies all aspects of HR in the workplace, including leadership and HR technology. They also interview and survey thousands of companies to identify best practices for driving performance and employee engagement in today’s workplace.

In short, Josh and his team harness data and research to open up insightful dialogues with HR leaders across the world.

Here are our four reasons why we love Josh Bersin:

1. Josh Bersin is a changemaker.

He’s always been forward-thinking, and focuses his energy on the future of work and the workplace. Josh and his team are on top of emerging HR trends — and remain realistic yet optimistic.

2. Josh Bersin embodies our Limeade “speak plainly” value. 

He’s obsessed with research and actionable insights. Everything is backed by science and rooted in data. We admire how Josh voices his opinions and makes recommendations based on the data.

3. The “Simply Irresistible Organization Model” focuses on meaningful work. 

Josh believes that people need to feel like what they’re doing matters. People must have enough autonomy in their jobs to be creative and have enough time to perform them well. And this benefits the company, too. Nearly every business drives value through their people’s service, intellectual property or creativity — so, people are your product. And great companies invest in their people.

4. Josh Bersin knows technology matters in HR — and values investing in well-being. 

He published the report “HR Technology Disruptions for 2018“, and revealed:

“I probably don’t need to mention that HR technology, content, and tools for wellbeing may likely be the next “big thing” in business. Not only do we need tools to improve productivity and reduce cognitive overload, but we also need “nudges” and data to help us exercise, stay mindful, and learn how to sleep and eat better.”

Josh believes the concept of “energy at work” best encompasses the new world of “engagement productivity, and wellbeing”. At Limeade, we define employee engagement as a deep connection and sense of purpose at work that creates extra energy and commitment — so, we’re clearly on the same page.

As a true trailblazer on employee engagement, Josh will inspire you with his take on the latest trends in workplace management, employee engagement and strategies for building great workplaces.

If you want to hear from Josh Bersin himself, you can register for:

1. Webinar: Building an Irresistible Organization: A refreshed look on employee engagement on Tuesday, March 6that 2 p.m. EST

2. Limeade Engage 2018 on April 18-19th in Savannah, GA  

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