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3 reasons why we’re loving Pokémon Go

On our marketing team walk to the park yesterday, we ran into a cultural phenomenon. No less than 100 people meandered around the park — eyes glued to their phone. They were all playing the nation’s hottest craze: Pokémon Go.  

What exactly is Pokémon Go?

A variation of the 1990s Nintendo and card game, Pokémon Go is an augmented-reality game that uses your phone’s GPS location and camera to create a world full of Pokémon to collect. The goal to “catch ‘em all” becomes a little more real as players physically move around in the real world to discover and collect the Pokémon.

Just how popular is the game?

Pokémon is conquering the world again. The one-week-old app’s already taken over the-decade-old Twitter, and it’s now the biggest mobile game in U.S. history. Since it’s release on July 6, there’s an estimated 7.5 million downloads in the U.S. and Nintendo’s stock rose 50 percent.

Why we support Pokémon Go

Here are three reasons why we’re loving the Pokémon Go phenomenon:

    1. It’s getting people to exercise. We’re big fans of any app that gets people moving, especially outside. And that’s just what people are doing — with some even claiming they’re walking too much. It’s no surprise people have called this app the “greatest unintentional health fad ever.” As of July 8, players use the app for an average of 43 minutes of day — that’s around 2.5 miles of steps!
    2. It’s gamification at its finest. Users take small steps to earn levels — and hit the ultimate achievement of collecting all 150 Pokémon.
    3. There’s a social network. Pokémon Go players meet at real-world locations to battle against other users— fostering community and friendly competition.

Whether it’s chasing after a Charmander or finding the local “gyms” in your city, we encourage you to download the app and get moving!