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Making the business case for work-life integration

Fact: Employees are 20% more engaged when they have the right mix between their work and personal lives.

We know work-life balance is dead, and integration’s the new game. But how exactly do you play?

Work-life integration expert and author Tracy Brower, Ph.D., shares the steps you need to successfully implement work-life supports at your company.

Create a business case

The business case should include clear recommendations and rationale to get stakeholders (think executive leadership team and board of directors) on board. You should acknowledge: the problem, vision, recommendation, risks, outcomes and action plan.

Consider a pilot

If your organization is hesitant to jump on the work-life bandwagon, consider a pilot. Start small and be specific – focus on flexible work hours or healthy snack options. Stakeholders will be more open to a trial run, knowing it isn’t permanent.

Lead for change

Companies with the most success integrating work and life are those that take proactive steps. Manage the change and ensure all employees are on board. Articulate the vision, point out the problem and share the steps for change with your entire organization. Above all, make sure the problem is greater than the perceived costs of the change.

Support the change

Leaders are pivotal to the success of work-life integration. If they don’t live and promote your organization’s work-life supports, your employees sure won’t. Once your employees see you embracing work-life integration options, they’ll know it’s okay for them too.

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