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March’s Seattle tech meetup: companies on our radar

Sometimes we get so wrapped in our own day-to day-initiatives that it’s good to break away and learn more about amazing things happening within the Seattle tech community. Last week we were thrilled to be invited as a presenter at the Seattle Tech Meetup and have the opportunity to engage with others in the field.

Limeade CTO Erick Rivas kicked off his presentation to talk about Limeade’s agile approach to development and share our approach to employee engagement, a key driver of performance. He shared the slide below to show the sobering effects of an un-engaged workforce and talked through Limeade’s holistic approach to wellness as a way to increase employee engagement.

Employee Engagement 1024x512 - March's Seattle tech meetup: companies on our radar

Companies to Keep an Eye On

We have an inspiring tech ecosystem here in the Seattle area! Keep an eye on the following presenting companies making a difference in our own backyard:

  • is rocking the publishing industry and making it easy for indie and aspiring writers to get their work published.
  • Magikflix is also on our radar. They’ve created a safe and educational content discovery platform for children.
  • Glympse is a fun technology and office favorite here at Limeade. You can share a “glimpse” of your location to anyone for a limited amount of time – perfect for conferences and concerts.

In a world of online only interaction, the Seattle Tech Meetup is a fulfilling experience that allows everyone to have a face-to-face connection to our local tech community (something not always possible in our line of work). We look forward to meeting you all at the next one! Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

We’re Hiring!

If you’re as passionate about well-being and technology as much as we are, Limeade is looking for you! Head over to our careers page to see open positions.