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Meet the New Limeade: We Bring Hearts and Minds to Work

We're elevating our game and taking employee engagement software to a whole new level.

Limeade has evolved into one seamless engagement platform with well-being, engagement, inclusion and social recognition solutions. We'll prove that bringing hearts and minds to work is good for your people and your business.

What does it mean to bring hearts and minds to work?

You know it when you feel it — you're totally engaged. Your heart's in it, your brain's turbocharged. And somehow you're energized, even after you go home for the day. You have purpose and meaning. And it affects everything.

This is the feeling you want for your employees — engagement.

It comes when you feel a deep connection and sense of purpose at work that fills you with energy — and ultimately helps you feel more committed to your company.

Limeade helps make it happen. We amplify your culture so your business and employees flourish.

Together, let's change the way we work.

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