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How Mercury Insurance got managers on board with well-being

The offices of Mercury Insurance are packed with insurance claims adjusters ready to respond to customers’ requests for help. Most employees are in headsets, assisting customers who’ve just been in a car accident. It’s a tough job, yet employees love their work and stay at the company for decades. If you ask them why, they’ll tell you about shared commitment and trust between employees and Mercury Insurance.

Mercury partnered with Limeade in 2016 to take this commitment to the next level. While the engagement program gained traction quickly, Mercury found that participation happens at the local level. So, they launched a broad network of Well-Being Ambassadors who promote the program, plan local events at their 40+ locations and cheer their teams on as they strive to be their best selves.

Mercury also found that manager support helps employees feel empowered to take time to participate. They asked Well-Being Ambassadors and managers to team up. Together, they pitched creative new challenges ideas — a few of which were selected as real, points-based activities in the Limeade engagement program.

In this video, you’ll meet Mercury Well-Being Ambassadors, managers, employees — and the HR team behind the program.

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