From the Blog:

Make meetings more successful by taking two minutes to do this

At Limeade, we work to continually improve employee well-being. And because emotional well-being is an integral part of our overall well-being, we strive to bake that into our day-to-day activities.

We recently kicked off a new two-minute meditation practice in our weekly product management meetings. Nothing fancy — we set a two-minute timer, close our eyes and sit silently watching our breath.

Why does this matter? Meetings are critical to working as a team. And meetings are only productive when attendees are engaged. In this era of continuous partial attention, we find it’s hard for people to listen and meaningfully contribute to a conversation.

The effect of this short meditation has a profound effect on the meeting. It gives us an opportunity to pause and set an intention for why we are here. And the silent pause makes everyone more receptive to the conversation that ensues.

Productive meetings lead to productive decisions, which ultimately lead to the overall success of your team and organization. And it only takes two minutes!

Our challenge to you: try setting a two-minute timer in your next meeting and watching the effects of a short meditation on your meeting dynamic.