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How to motivate employees to stay healthy this winter

As temperatures continue to drop, so does the energy and engagement of your employees. They’re exercising less, reaching for sugar to get that energy boost and not as motivated to reach their goals. Let's just say winter wellness is tough. 

Warmer weather won’t save your employees’ well-being — they need your support now. To get employee health back on track, you need to challenge and motivate them. We compiled this winter wellness infographic to help you do just that.

Winter wellness highlights:

  • February is one of the most popular months for employees to call in sick
  • In the winter, adults are 1.18 times as likely to sit for long periods of time than they are in the summer
  • 66% of office workers think the average company loses $100,000 or more to the flu every year
  • Adults who exercise regularly are 43% less likely to contract upper respiratory infections in the winter

Check out the full infographic below to see how wellness challenges make supporting employee well-being this winter totally possible.


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