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5 ways to help your employees celebrate national trails day

There’s more to enjoying our nation’s great outdoors than the obvious change of scenery and fresh air. In fact, spending quality time outside benefits both your body and mind. Whether you choose to head out for a hike, bike ride, or a paddle, it’s important to give yourself time connect with nature, disconnect with technology, increase your heart rate and soak in some vitamin D – all of which contribute to your well-being.

With National Trails Day approaching on June 7th, we’ve gathered a few strategies to encourage your employees (and yourself) to get out on the trails.

1. Participate in a free trail activity on June 7th

Send an email or put up a flyer encouraging employees to take advantage of the many free trail events taking place in your region this Saturday, June 7th. Throughout the nation, different organizations are hosting organized guided hikes and other trail activities, such as canoeing, bicycling, horseback riding, bird watching and trail building. Check out the American Hiking Society to find an event near you.

2. Organize a company hike

With summer weather finally here, it’s the perfect time to schedule a company led hike. Put together a list of a short, local hikes in your area and let employees vote on their favorite.

3. Give back 

Encourage employees to give back to local trails or parks one day this month. Volunteer work could include offering to help develop new trails or joining trail maintenance parties.

4. Launch a 30 day challenge

Use National Trails Day as a launching pad for a 30-day challenge in your company’s wellness program. Encourage employees to track trail mileage for the month and offer fun prizes for the top 3-5 employees that log the most miles. Example prizes could include hiking backpacks or water bottles.

5. Host an urban trail photo contest

Many cities offer urban trails and recreation areas that many of your employees might not know about. It’s time to showcase the best urban trails near your office! Host a photo contest and have employees submit photos documenting their urban treks during the summer months. You can share the best photos on a designated photo wall and give out awards for things like “best trail route,” “best trail outfit,” and “best view.”