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New Aberdeen report links employee wellness platforms to increased employee productivity

Are you seeing stress levels rise at your company and don’t know what to do about it?

Limeade partnered with Aberdeen to survey large employers on how they’re tackling this organizational challenge. The verdict? Employee wellness solutions play a large role in helping to reduce stress and improve workplace productivity.

Key findings from Best-in-Class employers:

  • 27% found employee wellness platforms increase employee productivity
  • 37% are more likely to find that wellness resources improves employee retention
  • 23% are more likely to see wellness relieving key business pressures

Download the full report to learn more: Employee Wellness: Individualizing Productivity

Put the results into action:

  • Infographic: Take a look at top report findings to see how you stack up against Best-in-Class employers.
  • Tipsheet: Put the findings into action by following these 5 tips from Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Report: Employee Wellness