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New research: The best ways to support employee well-being

A person’s well-being is related to engagement at work. But it can’t stand alone — it needs organizational support to thrive.

When employees believe they have support from their organization, they’re more likely to feel they have higher well-being. The opposite is true, too — employees are more likely to feel lower levels of well-being when they perceive lower organizational support.

So where should that support come from?

Popular wellness advice points to the executive leadership team. But in our 2016 Well-Being & Engagement Report with Quantum Workplace, most employees said their immediate supervisors matter more than the C-suite for well-being support

Here’s how employees say they receive support from their organizations today:

  • 76% manager support
  • 72% cultural support
  • 70% leadership support
  • 70% strategic alignment
  • 70% team/peers
  • 68% making well-being come to life (through tools and resources)
  • 59% physical environment
  • 57% social networks (community beyond immediate team)

Leaders play a big role in organizational support for well-being — but other factors matter more. Learn what they are in this year’s Well-Being & Engagement Report.

Download 2016 Well-Being & Engagement Report

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