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A new year’s resolution you can actually keep

By now you’ve probably heard that sitting is bad for you. Headlines on the topic are everywhere.  Huffington Post called sitting the new smoking, NBC news said sitting really can kill you and the Washington Post did a particularly frightening roundup of the health hazards of sitting (organ damage, muscle degeneration and slowed brain function — oh my!)

Gym rats, we’re talking to you, too. Even if you exercise a couple times a week, too much seat time can still increase risk for cardiovascular disease. Earlier this year the Lancet Journal released a paper that said at least one hour of exercise was needed to offset the negative health effects of a day of sitting.

Are you standing yet?

Some days, squeezing a walk in before or after work can be challenging. The good news? Research from the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity says that quick frequent walking breaks are more effective at improving well-being than a single lengthier one.

In addition to the physical activity benefits like energy and vigor, the research found that hourly, 5 minute “microbouts” of walking improved mood, decreased fatigue and even curbed hunger. Sounds doable, right?

We’re here to help. Sit less in 2017 with these tips:

1. Walk & talk
Make a pact to take walking 1:1s with direct reports or take conference calls while walking (if possible).

2. Skip the email
Have a quick question for your coworker? Step away from your computer and walk over to their desk instead.

3. Set a timer
Use your smartphone, calendar or fitness tracker to give yourself an hourly reminder to get up and move. Check out our desk stretches for inspiration.

4. Switch up your workstation
Whether it’s taking a walk to a coffee shop or even the other side of the office, switching up your workspace will clear your mind and keep you moving.