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Ondra L. Berry on Realizing Your Hidden Potential at Limeade Engage 2019

Are you living up to your potential as a professional? Ondra L. Berry, SVP of Organizational Culture & Employee Engagement at MGM Resorts International and keynote speaker at Limeade Engage 2019, pushed attendees to recharge, reignite and re-energize their passion for their profession.

“If you’re the same person you were a few years ago you’re doing something wrong. If you don’t define your life someone else or circumstances will for you.” – Ondra L. Berry at Limeade Engage 2019

His undeniable spirit for leadership and positivity ignited Limeade Engage attendees to be relentless, resilient and passionate. Berry pointed out that we’ve been taught strategy is more important than people, and it’s time to think differently. The role of leaders is to define processes and tools, and support behaviors and a culture that ultimately drive success in the organization.

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Here’s five tips Ondra L. Berry shared on realizing your hidden potential and making employees a priority at Limeade Engage:

1. Company culture starts with leadership

Too often people think about management and not leadership when it comes to the employee experience. Berry believes in order to deliver a great employee experience you have to think about the “wow-factor.” And it starts with leadership. From the beginning (orientation and onboarding), not only leadership but visible leaderships plays a crucial role in the connection, confidence and values instilled in employees.

2. Recognition is essential

We all need recognition — whether it’s a thank you, a mention in a team meeting or lunch, recognition is essential. Recognition can help build respect, purpose and relationships, which are all things people crave. Berry encouraged attendees to make it a priority to think, “who do I need to say thank you to today?”

3. Relevant communication is key

Personalization goes a long way. Berry believes it’s all about delivering timely and relevant information on company updates, goals and what’s happening within the organization. The right information to the right people at the right time is a great way communication can demonstrate organizational care. And this ultimately inspires employees to connect and engage with each other — and further fosters trust, engagement, inclusion and more.

4. Change is inevitable but growth is optional

As Berry stated at Limeade Engage, “change is not an HR thing, it’s an organization and business thing that every person must understand in your culture.” Change is always going to happen whether on purpose or not, but potential must be exercised in order to be fulfilled. Berry encouraged attendees to start by thinking of two or three behaviors they or their company does better than anyone.

5. Courage breeds creativity

Berry believes you have to have courage and remind yourself you’ve been put here to do something phenomenal in order to make a change. “You have to have the guts and courage to be someone different, who you’ve never been before,” said Berry. The courage to stand up, push back, share your opinion or make decisions will propel your organization into the future.

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