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Online Training: Uncovering the Powerful Connection Between Engagement and Inclusion

Your employee experience strategy is as unique as a fingerprint. Yet we all deal with the same challenges around creating an experience that both engages employees and helps them feel included. The combination of engagement and inclusion are no longer nice to have; sustainable business performance necessitates it.

The concept of employee engagement is old news; it is well-established, and engagement practices are common across a variety of organizations. However, the focus on inclusion is new, and the connection between engagement and inclusion is not yet well understood. Can an organization focus on a few common areas to impact both outcomes? Or do organizations need to deploy different approaches for each? Watch the webinar on-demand below to uncover these answers and more.


  • The connection between engagement and inclusion
  • Factors that impact engagement and inclusion
  • Tips to boost engagement and inclusion at your company


  • Sense of well-being, sense of commitment, intent to stay and likelihood to recommend are all factors that are improved when employees felt engaged and included in the workplace
  • Leading with empathy, assuming positive intent, and speaking up when something is not right are key methods to practice inclusion
  • HR Professionals should ensure that day-to-day experiences are creating engagement and inclusion


View the webinar recording, here.