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Online Training: The Whole Story with Whole-Person Well-Being

The domino effect of well-being is real. What happens in one part of your life effects another part, and the interconnected chain of events is suddenly set into motion. For instance, when you have a bad day at work, and it affects you at home. You probably know this already, but don’t think of it as whole-person well-being.

It’s time we understand the whole story with whole-person well-being. By breaking down the four dimensions of well-being you can learn about health through a new lens and begin to uncover the ways in which well-being is directly related to successful business results within your organization. Jason Lauritsen, keynote speaker, author and expert on workplace culture and Henry Albrecht, Limeade Founder and CEO guide us through this movement in a colorful, honest and informative webinar.

“Organizational well-being is needed now more than ever.”

– Jason Lauritsen, Speaker, Author and Consultant


  • The four dimensions of well-being
  • The dramatic effect whole-person well-being has on organizational success
  • Best practices (and what you should avoid!) to implement whole-person care at your organization


  • Traditional wellness failed for many reasons that all boil down to care
  • Simplify whole-person well-being to four elements: Physical, Emotional, Financial, Work
  • Humans want to be well
  • Together, we can create small moments of well-being


View the webinar recording, here.