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Our August “Make Others Great Award” goes to…

The “Make Others Great” award recognizes LimeMates who go above and beyond to help others do their best work through collaboration and teamwork. Each month, a nomination committee reviews submissions from fellow LimeMates and selects the winner.

August’s BIG shoe goes to Senior Product Manager Gavin Oxman. Kudos to Gavin for always striving to Make Others Great!

Read along to learn more about this rockstar LimeMate.

What’s your role at Limeade, and what do you do?

I’m a product manager (PM) and I’m responsible for creating features related to data insights and reporting. As a PM, I work on a smorgasbord of tasks, including defining and assigning new projects and leading daily stand-up meetings with my team. I also resolve issues, test feature changes, meet with customers and understand our competitive market. All in all, I obsess on how we can improve our product for our customers.  

How long have you been at Limeade?

Two years in December.

What brought you here?

I liked the people, mission and opportunity for impact.  

What do you like most about your job?

Speaking to our customers and hearing how they use our products to help improve the well-being of their workforces.  

What does a day in the life look like?

I take a morning run or Fitstar workout with my dog, make coffee and then vanpool to work. I spend 1-2 hours on tasks for our current sprint, attend a team stand-up meeting, and collaborate on joint projects with the marketing or sales team. I eat vegetable soup for lunch, then lead customer training sessions, go on a walking meeting with a teammate and play doubles ping pong. After I vanpool home, I go to the park with my family, cook dinner, put the kids to bed, do planks and pushups with my wife, read and then finally go to bed.  

Who’s your role model?

I often aspire to be like a few different people in different situations (based on what books I’m reading). On a global level, people like Ghandi, Jimmy Carter, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have done incredible things to truly put their ding in the universe. On a day-to-day level, I think of my favorite members of the New York Yankees like Derek Jeter, Paul O’Neill, Mariano Rivera and Don Mattingly, who conduct their jobs with an incredible amount of focus and thoughtful intensity and elevate their teams as a result.

What’s one thing not many people know about you?

I spent two years in the Peace Corps in Togo, West Africa, about 10 years ago. Two wonderful mementos are my Togolese dog and my involvement in a Togo-based nonprofit called Hope Through Health.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Limeade?

I get to help customers.

Where would you take a career-cation?

Working in international development in a non-English-speaking country.  

How do you destress?

Exercise, golf, trips to the park with our sons, cooking, guitar and watching Homeland. Intense spy dramas have a way of making me relax.  

What’s your favorite Limeade memory?

When we announce big sales, and people high five around the office. I haven’t seen any David Brent dances yet, but people get close!

What’s your favorite Limeade value, and how do you live it?

Be it. I love to track stuff. When I run, golf and hike, I always bring a few devices to track progress and help me improve. I’m using GolfShot, RunKeeper, Fitbit and Garmin these days, and look forward to the day these are all bundled into the Apple Watch.