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Our favorite Josh Bersin quotes on employee engagement

Last month we hosted a webinar with Josh Bersin — Building an Irresistible Organization: A Refreshed Look at Employee Engagement. And we’re so excited to have Josh Bersin keynote our Limeade Engage conference next week.

We’ve said it before — we love Josh Bersin. And we think you should, too! He’s passionate about employee engagement and on top of the latest research and trends.

Here are our top FIVE favorite quotes from Josh Bersin’s webinar: 

“It’s getting harder and harder to hire peopleAnd so, we’re going to have to get very good at retaining the people we have, attracting people to come work for us, and as most of you know, your employment brand is visible on the internet. It’s transparent. Whether you know it or not it’s out on Glassdoor or some other website. And so, this issue of engagement is now a business-critical issue.” 

“In 2017 the #1 issue on the minds of CEOs was cyber security, regulatory risk, immigration, and other issues relative to security. This year it is people. It’s attracting talent, developing leaders, creating a level of fairness in the organization, providing good healthcare, measuring people well and creating a diverse workforce.”  

“Employees want safety — they want psychological safety and physical safety, and that means things like diversity and inclusion are important because they give you a sense of security and safety, that you’re being well represented at work. They want love and belonging, which means they want to be part of a small team where they know people and people feel that they’re respected. They want to accomplish something in life, which means they want to progress in their jobs, and they want to achieve some sense of self-actualization, which is mission and purpose.”

“It’s really up to you to decide, as an HR department, where you fit on the scale of well-being. Human beings, unlike computers, need rest. We need social relationships. We have families. You saw the data on happiness. We have to have relationships with other people. And well-being has moved and is pretty quickly moving out of the world of health and wellness into a world of human performance. The more you think about engagement as a measure of human energy and a measure of human performance, the better you’re going to deal with all the issues at work that get in people’s way.

“I think all of the conversations about well-being, and employee experience, and engagement that are going on now are going to make our lives better. And I don’t think we’re going to have any choice. Employees can go out on the public internet, they can complain, the can post things online, they can speak up. The Me Too movement, all of the things that have become public in the last 12 to 24 months, those are signs of moving in the right direction. So, I think the world of work is going to be better.” 


If you want to see Josh Bersin live in person, register for Limeade Engage April 18-19th in Savannah, GA, and see his keynote presentation.

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