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The emotional health benefit your employees care about most

We partnered with Quantum Workplace, a leading workplace survey and employee feedback technology company, to find out exactly what motivates employees to be their best. We analyzed feedback from nearly 2,000 survey responses to produce the report “Workplace Well-Being: Provide Meaningful Benefits to Energize Employee Health, Engagement, and Performance.” Check out our top level findings and read through our workplace well-being blog series as we unpack the data. 

According to the American Medical Association, stress is the cause of more than 60 percent of basic human illness and disease and costs American businesses $300 billion a year.

And one thing’s for sure – the workplace can be a significant contributor to that stress. So what do you do? We surveyed nearly 2,000 employees to find out what emotional health benefits employees really want.

The emotional health benefit employees want the most: time off to recharge.

health1 - The emotional health benefit your employees care about most

What exactly is time off to recharge?

Not to be confused with paid time off, time off to recharge is the freedom to step away from work when necessary – at employees’ and their managers’ discretion – and is typically used when employees are experiencing high levels of stress or burnout.

Why does this matter? 76.5 percent of employees want time off to recharge, yet only 45.3 percent of employers provide it. If you’re not providing this in demand benefit, think twice.

Employees are 13.8 percent more engaged when provided time off to recharge and come back refreshed, productive and happy.

If recharge days aren’t in the works as a benefit for your company this year, consider implementing other ways to help support employees celebrate freedom from overwork. Here are three ideas to try.

Want to learn more about the current state of employee well-being and engagement? Download the full report, including resources for building a successful employee engagement program.

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