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Are you ready to support well-being?

Great organizations know that well-being is key for a person’s ability to thrive at work.

And when employees believe they have support from their organization, they’re more likely to have higher well-being. The opposite is true, too — employees are more likely to feel lower levels of well-being when they perceive lower organizational support.

This organizational support for well-being concept isn’t new — but you don’t always see it defined in a structured way. The Limeade Organizational Support for Well-Being Model changes that.

Take a peek at the eight different components that can amplify how you support your employees across local and organization-wide levels:

1. Manager support

2. Team/peer support

3. Social networks

4. Physical work environment

5. Strategic alignment

6. Leadership support

7. Well-being tools and programs

8. Culture


Limeade OrgSupport ebook 232x300 - Are you ready to support well-being?People need organizational support to improve their personal well-being. Is your organization ready to show your employees you care? Find out today.

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