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Research finds employees more engaged when employer cares about well-being

Do you know what motivates your people?

This was the question we set out to answer by partnering with Quantum Workplace, a leading workplace survey and employee feedback technology company. To dive into this meaty question we analyzed feedback from nearly 2,000 survey responses to produce the report “Workplace Well-Being: Provide Meaningful Benefits to Energize Employee Health, Engagement, and Performance.”

Here’s what we found:

Overall engagement drivers (and detractors)

  • Satisfaction: Engagement is lower when employees are less satisfied with their benefits. More than three-fourths of engaged employees said they were satisfied with the health and well-being benefits their organization provides, compared to fewer than half of “hostile” (lowest possible engagement score) employees.
  • Communication and clarity: Employees who are unsure if they have benefits are twice as likely to be disengaged compared to those who understand the benefits offered to them.


What employees want vs. what employees get

  • Stress Management: Only 28 percent of employers provide stress-relief breaks, such as meditation, massages, or required breaks, yet more than 71 percent of employees desire it.
  • Nutrition: More than 73 percent of employees want healthy cafeteria or vending options at work, but fewer than half of employers provide it.
  • Physical fitness: Regular exercise -three times a week or more – has little to no direct impact on employee engagement. Yet half of employees want an onsite fitness center and time for healthy activities at work.
  • Financial wellness: Employees 25 years old and younger are nearly twice as likely to prefer financial planning services, compared to employees 56 years old and older.
  • Work-life balance: Nearly three-fourths of employees want flexible work hours, and those who do are nearly 20 percent more engaged. However, fewer than half of employers provide flexible work hours.


Check out our infographic with the top findings below and download the report today to dive in. And stay tuned over the next few weeks as we roll out a blog series analyzing the findings and offering our thoughts on how you can apply the insights to your employee engagement strategy.

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overall findings - Research finds employees more engaged when employer cares about well-being