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Return to the Workplace: How to Communicate Employee Benefits and Well-Being Programs

With 57% of teams across the country working remotely in some capacity, including 41% of employees working remotely full time, according to a December 2020 report of more than 1,000 hiring managers by Upwork, the need for connection, community and communication is greater than ever. The Covid-19 pandemic revealed the communication gaps companies struggle with and proved that when organizations approach communication with a lens of care, it can powerfully impact the overall employee experience. 

The Limeade Institute’s recent global study on employee care found that: 

  • 56% of employees say their organization hasn’t asked for their feedback about return to the workplace policies and procedures 
  • 29% say their organization shares employee feedback from surveys with them 
  • 45% say their organization either doesn’t take action based on survey results, or to a small extent or uncertain 

Communication also plays a role in employees feeling valued and less burned out. Limeade research shows that when employees feel they have received adequate information they are nearly 3x less likely to feel burned out and nearly twice as likely to feel engaged in their work. The past year has shown that companies need to be able to reach all employees, keep them updated with vital information, listen to their feedback and make it easy for them to find and use essential company benefits and resources. 

The Limeade Approach to Communication 

Communication is a crucial piece of the employee experience — especially employee benefits communication. According to Willis Towers Watson, “benefits communication is about supporting your people when they are making important decisions about their lives, families and futures. It’s a moment to build trust with your employees, inspire thoughtful decisions and drive meaningful change today and tomorrow.” It requires listening to employees, gathering feedback, engagement, transparency, strategy and more. 

As part of our core beliefs at Limeade, we seek to improve the employee experience — enabling seamless communications that drive employee awareness, usage of key benefits and resources and encourages employees to trust, support and connect with each other and their organization. 

The Limeade Well-Being solution includes powerful communications capabilities that include:  

  • Targeting capabilities to deliver personally relevant information to specific audiences and groups 
  • Analytics on user activity, social engagement, active user metrics and more 
  • An easy-to-use content authoring tool for creating, formatting, scheduling and publishing communications 

Companies need to reach every employee with relevant communications that increase awareness, program usage, personalization and engagement. This goes beyond the traditional (and impossible to measure) flyers and posters, or company email alone. With communications functionality built directly into our well-being solution, Limeade empowers admins and program champions with self-service communications and notifications to targeted employee groups. Only Limeade builds updates and social capabilities into well-being programs to increase relevance and support.  

This results in informed employees who are inspired to participate and take action to improve. In fact, Ryan LLC increased monthly average usage (MAU) nearly 2x after launching full suite of company updates and social support with their well-being program. 

Putting That Approach Into Action 

Below are examples of how HR teams can utilize Limeade communication capabilities to easily connect and promote their existing employee benefits and well-being resources (programs) to inspire action and growth.  

1. Updates — Communicate new employee benefits and HR resources to improve utilization 

Keep employees informed and updated with: 

  • New benefits and enrollment information 
  • Well-being resources and program updates 
  • New activities to join 

Driving awareness and participation in benefits and HR programs is never an easy task, that’s why we’ve built communications directly into our Limeade Well-Being programs. You can promote new or existing benefits, programs or resources directly in the feed — making it easy for employees to access and participate. 

2. Listening — Check in to hear feedback 

Ongoing and intentional employee listening strategies can foster team performance and engagement as well as a sense of trust, support and inclusion. This can be utilized specifically for insight and feedback on HR programs, or more broadly to listen to employees about broad topics impacting the workforce. Keep a pulse on your employees with regular check ins. Support employee listening with custom pulse surveys to quickly understand employee sentiment and needs. Leverage polls and employee feedback to answer questions and gather ideas and suggestions. 

3. Aggregate — Consolidate resources with Benefits Wallet  

End the struggle to find benefits information by aggregating all benefits documents and system access into one place. The Limeade Benefits Wallet puts relevant benefit resources into a single, centralized location to increase awareness and utilization. It provides a library of content to drive awareness, knowledge and utilization of your benefits package. Through self-service functionality, Limeade allows employees and managers to quickly locate essential information and complete important tasks. 

4. Events — Manage and promote existing events or programs  

Manage and communicate company events directly in the app including benefits enrollment or education sessions, townhall meetings, trainings and team events. 

With Limeade Well-Being, you can gather real-time data and feedback, reach all your employees no matter where they are located, provide easy access to what they need and a space for them to connect with each other and your organization. Limeade provides a modern, mobile and interactive experience that helps create an engaged workforce. 

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