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Ring in the new year with our top 6 posts of 2014

We can’t leap into 2015 without taking a moment to reflect on the year that’s passed. There have been ups and downs and everything in between. To celebrate the start of a new year, we’d like to share a nostalgic moment with you by taking a look back at our favorite posts of 2014.

1. Change Management: 8 Ways to Communicate Effectively to Your Employees

Change never stops – especially at the workplace. To help you lead with grace as your company evolves, we put together some tips for communicating effectively with your employees during periods of transition.

2. 5 Strategies for Helping Employees Achieve Their Career Goals

With resolutions in the air, Q1 is a great time to reflect on how you can help your employees achieve their goals. Keeping your finger on the pulse of your employees’ dreams and development will affect your bottom line in 2015.

3. 5 Ways to Help Employees Be More Proactive Problem Solvers

As it turns out, being more proactive is one of the top goals of most employees. And this is good news – proactive employees are creative, innovative and self-motivated. By taking action to help your employees accomplish this goal you will unleash a cascading effect of positive results.

4. 7 Wellness Communication Tips for Your Offline Employees

If you spend most of your time on a computer, it’s easy to lose sight of what life is like when you’re not plugged in all the time. But it’s important to make sure that your employee engagement program is reaching your employees on their terms, so we put together some tips to help you effectively engage your offline employees.

5. 5 Ways to Boost Your Employees’ Energy and Increase Productivity

It turns out a lot of your employees are tired – and they want to have more energy. Try some of these strategies to help boost your employees’ energy and improve their overall well-being.

6. 8 Ways to Break Up with Workplace Stress

Stress has a serious impact on the health of your employees – and your bottom line. Check out some of our favorite tips for preventing and reducing stress at work.

Here’s to a healthier, happier 2015 – Happy New Year!