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Self-tracking and living by numbers

The headline for this month’s Wired Magazine is “Living By Numbers,” and brings together some great articles about efforts by individuals and companies to measure and improve the things that matter to them. We’re tremendously excited to see this gain attention, as these topics are very much a core of our approach to self-improvement.

Kevin Kelly and Gary Wolf of Wired have been organizing informal, periodic meetups called the Quantified Self in San Francisco and New York. A few weeks ago, I gave an impromptu demo and Q+A of Limeade at the San Francisco chapter of the Quantified Self meetup. The video of the session is a little long — about 25 minutes or so — but covers some interesting ground, including ways to drive engagement, incentives, privacy issues, and some of what we’ve learned since launch. Enjoy. -David

David Reeves on the Limeade employee wellness program from Kevin Kelly on Vimeo.