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Snapshot of our favorite Limeade memories

Post by Amy Patton, Director of Culture & Well-Being at Limeade 

It is always a predictable moment when you ask a child what they loved most about the school year: recess or art class. So when I asked a similar question of “what is your favorite memory of working here so far?” to the employees at Limeade, I expected to receive similar responses.

While employees did mention memories around social events, like our scooter races, “Fun Fridays,” ski trip, flash fitness and karaoke holiday party, I was pleased to find the top memories weren’t centered around this at all. Instead, the top three most cherished memories shared by Limeade employees were related to engaging as a team at our annual company meeting, successfully launching customers and competing in team fitness challenges.

These favorite experiences do not come as a surprise, as they map directly to our core values of We’re a Team, We Delight Customers and Be it (live our brand).

Here are some quotes about favorite memories as told by our employees:

  •  “I especially enjoyed the all-company off-site on-site that we had earlier this year to talk about our future, big-picture initiatives. Our team’s brainstorming energy was contagious and passion towards our company’s vision was inspiring.”
  • “I love seeing our “customers” go live. It such a great feeling to win with a talented team that pulls together and gets things done.”
  • “Winning the team planking challenge is one of my best memories at Limeade. Company-wide competition heated up during the challenge, which made for some close calls. My team pulled together and planked non-stop to hold the lead. It was a fun, team-building and health-focused event – winning it was icing on the cake!”

Plank Challenge 1024x682 - Snapshot of our favorite Limeade memories